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The Australian Furniture Association in association with WoodSolutions is proud to introduce the Timber Medallion to the 2016 AFIA & ACE Awards. The aim of this commendation is to increase awareness about the use of wood in furniture and furnishing manufacturing and design.

WoodSolutions would like to thank the AFA for the opportunity to sponsor the Timber Medallion. An independent source of generic information about the benefits and use of wood and wood products, WoodSolutions has become the go to resource for Australian design and construction professionals.

Building on that foundation, WoodSolutions aim to become the primary source of information about wood and wood products for people and organisations working in the furniture design and manufacturing industries.

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The AFA is proud to encourage entrants in these award programs to achieve this medallion and to ensure the standards are met.

WoodSolutions Timber Medallion Criteria

Innovation/ Originality in Design

How original is the piece?


Is the piece pleasing to the eye? (It’s Style, Proportion, Form, Function)


Does the piece successfully serve the purpose for which it was designed?

Certified or sustainably source timber

Is the timber material certified or sustainably sourced?

Quality of Materials and Workmanship

Does the piece have a suitably high quality finish? (Materials and workmanship)


Is the piece constructed to be durable under normal use?

Overall Quality

Does the piece have a a suitable high quality of finish?

Effort in Presentation

Has effort been made to present the item? Is it finished? Supporting sales brochures?


Is the submission comprehensive, informative and accurate?

Value for Money

Does the piece represent value for money, from the customers perspective?


Is the piece marketable or have potential for development?

Dangerous Designs – coming soon to a device near you!

A new online design competition, Dangerous Designs is your chance to show your wood design concepts to the world and stash a bit of cash along the way if you’re a winner. Plus, your creation may be picked up by a manufacturer and lead you to fame and fortune (this last bit is not guaranteed, but fingers crossed!).

Dangerous Designs will officially launch in August 2016, in the meantime all relevant AFIA & ACE Timber Medallion contenders will automatically be entered into Dangerous Designs (unless entrants advise otherwise).